Food for the Spirits in the Wires

Do you trust evanescent wisps of electricity?

21 June 1954
San Jose, California, United States
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Jilara is a writer, a cook, a historian, a mystic, and a martial artist of many disciplines. These are the things that are the -do's in her life, as as opposed to -jitsu. The things she IS instinctively, as opposed to the things she practices/does. She's even demonstrated historical cooking for the Queen and Prince Phillip.

Among her other states of being, she's a scientist, a tekkie, an artist and craftsperson, a computer tech writer, a Civil War reenactor (English and American), botanist, and an enthusiast of historical weaponry, primarily artillery. She also hikes/backpacks, and has been known to make tasty meals of wild foods found on the trail. I'm a darwinian gardener---if it survives the challenges of my yard, it's good. Vegetables mostly survive (even reseed). Other things...well, it's that Darwin thing.

Aside from that, I'm a geek girl. I thrive on challenges. And I am ever analyzing, looking for patterns, in every aspect of life. And I like hanging out with Mad Scientists. Bwaaahahaha!

I'm also a 4th generation native Californian (which amazes people), though County Sligo, Ireland somehow feels like home as much as California. The earth forces of both speak to me. I'm from a family of hereditary shamans and my grandfather was a weatherworker, but it's a very old trad you've probably never heard of. I'm also passionate about history, particularily the Californio period--California before the Bear Flag Rebellion of 1846, which probably figures, since my ancestors were here then. Love the food, the music, the clothes.