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Food for the Spirits in the Wires
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Friday, June 6th, 2014
5:09 pm
Updates to Everything -- Busy, busy!
Okay, it's been too long since I checked in, and now everything has changed on LiveJournal. Serves me right, I guess.

Two jobs and my regular stream of activities... I am not just working at Pivotal, the startup I've been at for over a year, but picked up another side job, doing part time stuff for another startup. I got a loaner Apple laptop from them the other day, as my other boxen are Windoze machines, and I needed to run some software that wasn't Microsoft-friendly. I was SO happy to get back onto Unix (not Linux, Unix!) again! It's like riding a bicycle, and I don't have to think about what I'm doing. But wow, my time is sliced and diced thin, lately.

The some folks who do documentaries and other stuff for the BBC saw the Cougar Wives show and hunted me down through the Civil War connection. It looks like we might be getting a documentary on the BBC? Um, okay, the examples of their shows look good, not like "reality TV." We seem to be a human interest feature, for "Age Gap Love". Woman with her young husband who do historic reenactments and live an unconventional life. They're sounding like it's a go. They also wanted our itinerary for when we are in Scotland and Ireland, this summer. We might get filmed when we're on their home turf. I have to admit this is a turn of events I never expected for my later life.

We are getting a 2 week visit from the teen we are mentoring, Savanna. She wants to grow up to be me. She's said as much. And she's turned into my little radical firebrand. Yes, she really does want to be me. I'm flattered, and honored that she thinks me worthy of emulation.

More chickens have come to roost. Foster, our rescue chick from San Juan, has turned into a pretty little hen, and four chicks are now 3+ weeks old, and getting their first feathers. The older hens are not all in the best shape. Still hanging in there, but getting some issues. We are still getting eggs, but fewer, so it will be nice to have new blood. Yikes, Clarisse is 6 years old!

Oh yeah, we're going to Scotland and Ireland this summer. Yay!
Monday, November 18th, 2013
4:17 pm
Finns and Discrimination in the 19th century
I'd heard about the discrimination from older family members, when I was growing up. I'd heard about the slogans like "Never marry a Finn or a Catholic," and how Finns were not considered "white." I heard about the discrimination my grandfather faced. But I finally found something about it online, about a case in Minnesota, where it was decided that the "Mongol" part of us was so dilute, we should be considered white. Heh, talk about phyrric victory for human rights...


It also brings up some interesting issues, since Oregon had laws (passed in 1866) forbidding intermarriage of negroes, Hawaiians, Indians, and "mongolians" (the blanket term for anyone coming from Asia) with whites. I know there was a Finnish ghetto in Astoria, in the Uniontown district, where my father's family lived. My father always "felt" more Asian, and for much of his life, his closest friends were Chinese. Food for thought.
Tuesday, October 22nd, 2013
5:36 pm
Health is Encouraging
Good news.My rheumatoid syndrome seems to be responding nicely to the more body-friendly treatment (hydroxychloroquinine, plus fish oil, astraxanthin, vitamin D, and doxycycline from the opthamologist). The one that worries me (I see the opthamologist tomorrow) is that while I think my tears are improving, the sight in my right eye is still blurry. Darned rheumatoid syndrome...

The good news is also that my thyroid biopsy shows the nodules as benign. They aren't doing much to mess with me,other than literally giving me a lump in my throat. No medication. Which is good. I'm taking enough handfuls of pills, as it is.

And the orthopedist and rheumatologist both like the progress being made on my crooked right elbow.

No one told me that you just reach a certain age, and your body starts to fall apart all over the place. I could have prepared better. Still, considering how many of my friends in my cohort didn't even make it to 50, I'm still above ground, and that's a good thing.
Tuesday, August 6th, 2013
1:12 pm
On Being a Geek Girl
(reprinted from my wordpress blog account, since they don't set up to send essays to LJ, which is a pity)

I’m old enough that I can find it amusing that geek girls are something that the mainstream seems to find creepy. I am, and always have been a geek girl. I grew up watching Star Trek and making Emma Peel my role model, was an honors student and president of the Science Club. When I got to college, I found My People. The Electronics Club was full of folks who could quote episodes, chapter and verse, and everyone loved Monty Python (which I then discovered, thanks to my electronics geek boyfriend). I sat at simulators and crashed the Lunar Entry Module more times than I want to contemplate. I wirewrapped for my boyfriend. I tutored Computer Science students in correct English by diagramming sentences using computer flow chart methodology. Though a biology student, I learned about computers by hanging out with the best and brightest, some of whom were boy wonders who went on to help found companies. My then-boyfriend ended up working for NASA. And I went on to a career in tech, not in biology as I had once expected.

Along the way, I met programmers by day who were medievalists by night, weekend warriors who reenacted history in a variety of time periods, and who sung, played instruments, and punned unrepentantly. We recognized each other as kindred, and talked for endless hours/days/months about everything interesting in the world. We dressed up in what other people thought were odd costumes, and read lots of science fiction. We fought and drank and made passionate love with people with amazing smarts, and led amazing lives.

And mine continues to be amazing. But I have recently discovered that there are still people out there with nothing better to do with their lives than make fun of people who are interesting and creative and having infinitely more fun with life than they could ever dream of. Poor fools. Their entertainment seems to consist of watching tv and adopting a superior tone on the internet, in groups like Reddit, mocking geeks/nerds/dorks and their activities. Wow, I thought all this went out with Usenet and alt.flamewars. I am learning new slang, too, words like “neckbeard” and strange references to someone named Tobias.

And I’m chuckling, because they’ve never stood under a filled sail, watching dolphins escort their Tall Ship out the Golden Gate. They’ve never fired on a 50-gun Civil War cannon line at a recreation of the Battle of Gettysburg. They’ve never drunk a toast of atholbrose to a departed comrad in the darkness of the night at Renaissance Faire. They’ve never carressed naked flesh by firelight, while drums pounded in the distance. They’ve never had to pull a vintage airplane out of an induced stall, and felt the G-forces of a loop-the-loop. They’ve never danced a Castle Waltz with their partner almost painted onto their body. They’ve never partied like it’s 1925 at the Valhalla and Tallack mansions at South Lake Tahoe, complete with vintage cars. They’ve never felt the smack of live steel against live steel, or used a sabre to behead hapless vegetables from horseback. They’ve never felt the gratifying mule-kick of firing a Martini-Henry, legendary gun of the Zulu Wars. Poor sods. I’ve gotten together with fellow geeks and done all this and more.

And I’ve dated some amazing men along the way, from a city planner to an Air Force crew chief, from a costume designer who could pass for Oscar Wilde to a private investigator, from a former State Assemblyman to an expert on nanotechnology. I’ve been on TV, just because I do what I do. I was a cougar long before anyone coined the term. And I ended up marrying an amazing geek soulmate, who loves to dress in top hats, and kilts, and waxes his moustache. Who will discuss John Stewart Mill with me, and could spend weeks in the Smithsonian, or get into the philosophical basis behind government economics, and supports me in all my efforts to make the world a better place for every element of humanity, even those who do not understand us.

It must be rough, being one of the mainstream masses, with little to do except hang out online and make snide cracks about those of us who live life to the fullest. I just thank god that their lives aren’t mine

“No memories I’ll sell/’Til I toast with a drunken angel/On the merry side of Hell.” –Michael Longcor, “Drunken Angel”
Friday, August 2nd, 2013
5:41 pm
Reality TV Stars!
I suppose it was one of those things that was destined, and I can now talk about our new identity on reality TV! The British tabloids are already reporting the scandal, and I'm quite flattered, actually. But would I end up as an overaged Page Three Girl?

Anyway, striking the blow for Women of a Certain Age, I am out of the ageist closet, and have no problem being sex positive, as well.

Here's the Huffington Post version: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/07/29/extreme-cougar-wives-tlc_n_3672242.html

After all, well-behaved women rarely make history!
Friday, May 17th, 2013
4:30 pm
Silk worms!
In an unexpected windfall, I seem to have inherited a tub full of silkworms. They were intended as chicken food/treats, but now I'm perversely hoping to get a few of these to the coccoon stage. We have raided mulberry leaves from a neighbor's yard down the street, and this might be a good time to introduce myself to the new neighbors. "Um, hi, you have a mulberry tree, and I'd like to be able to pick a few leaves off of it to feed my silkworms. Oh, and I notice that you have an Irish flag you use as a curtain upstairs, and there is another one that looks like interlace. Are you Irish? Fannish? Do Renfaire?"

Of course, just knocking on a door to ask for food for some silkworms could either make them think I'm daft or a kindred spirit...
Friday, April 5th, 2013
1:38 pm
Treating the Country as if it REALLY WAS a Business
Yes, my warped little mind has made a connection. I hear the comments about the "best politicians money can buy" and whatnot. And suddenly, I had a realization, like that Johnathon Swift must have had about Ireland. I have found the root of our political problems: we are not making good business decisions because we are not paying our politicians enough!

Now hear me out. The problem with the public sector, as opposed to private industry, is that it simply can't compete. The average CEO of a Fortune 500 company makes $12-13 MILLION PER YEAR! Even the President makes a paltry $450K. You just can't attract the best talent with a record like that! Isn't America entitled to at least the same entitled leadership as a major corporation?

Think about it. If we paid competitively, these people might actually become responsive to their shareholders, a.k.a. their constituents, instead of being swayed by big bucks from special interests. Does the CEO of Exxon jump to the demands of Chevron, on being offered donations to the fund of choice? Well, aside from untraceable accounts in the Cayman Islands, that is. No, they are expected to look out for the needs of their shareholders.

So, here we are with bargain-basement Executive Staff, running a first-rate country. What's more, some of these losers even spend their own money in trying to get elected! How pathetic is that? I mean, for what Meg Whitman spent on running for Governor of California, she could have bought a small Grand Dutchy and made herself Supreme Baroness or something. She might have made a bundle as a CEO, but she sure fell down on this one.

So, what would we get if we made this country run more like a business? Well, there would be a lot of cost-benefit analysis, and maybe they could figure some great write-offs for infrastructure. They'd drive hard bargains to get the lowest possible price for things like Pentagon expenditures. "What, $100,000 each for these missiles? We can open a factory get those made in Moldova for $40 apiece! We just might have to offshore this whole effort!" You can bet your bottom dollar that there would be no more $1000 coffee makers!

We might not even need those missiles. Strategic acquisition is part of any corporate strategy. Problem with North Korea? Buy it! Rather than wasting a few billion on conventional warfare, just offer to buy the entire place. You'd be surprised what third-world dictators might do, offered the right financial incentive. Win the hearts of the people by flying over dropping dollar bills, instead of bombs, at great cost-savings! And once have acquired a new territory, just incorporate it in and put its industries and citizens to work for you, generating tax dollars. Long-term return on investment! If it doesn't work out, you can sell it to someone else, or spin it off as a subsidiary (call it "granting independence") but keep a seat on the Governing Board.

You know, this just might work...
Friday, March 29th, 2013
7:10 pm
Reading Wisdom
I read the full book of Ecclesiastes out loud last night, from my grandfather's Bible. It was speaking strongly to my mind state, and dealing with injustice, and Andrew's mind state. It's one of my favorite books of the Bible, anyway, (Job is another) and fit into both the season and where I was at, mentally. Andrew commented that I made it sound like a really lively text, not the way a lot of folks read the Bible. And this is why I was popular as a reader for blind students, in college. I could make even Economics texts sound interesting.

The basic message is not to let injustice get to you, because in the end, it's all the same same. It's just how the world is. It helps me calm down when I'm in what Andrew calls "avenging Valkerie" mode.
Thursday, November 8th, 2012
3:21 pm
Fortunes of contracting
I found out last week that due to "budget issues" I was being let go, as of this Friday. I found out a little more. It was described as like a pool ball interaction. A project was cancelled, and they needed to find a place for a staff writer who had been on it. Set the pool balls in motion, shuffle resources, and eventually, someone was moved into this group, pushing me off the table. Foo. I liked it here. I liked the group and the writers and a lot of things. But that's the way it goes.

Oh well, things are better out there, so we will see what new opportunities come down the pike. I am going to miss the group, though. It was the best sense of community with my fellow writers that I've had since the Stratus days, sigh...
3:12 pm
This is What Utopia Looks like
I was talking about the continuum of "utopia" the other day, and how some of us build them, and others live in them and experience the decay of the system, and they are not necessarily the same group of people. The world is not a stable state. We can hold to ideals and try to build to the vision of the dream. "We are the music makers, and we are the dreamers of dreams..."

But once the dream is built, it is at the mercy of the forces of the world. And ultimately, it will fall.

I was talking to Andrew the other day about how the political system frustrates me, and how you no sooner get something accomplished than people attack it and try to bring it crashing down, but with vigilance you can keep a step ahead, each time you lose ground, you never fully lose it, but make progress, five steps forward and four steps back. But you have to keep working, or it will be five steps forward and six steps back. He observed "this is what utopia looks like." And he was right. We have a system that allows you to build. And keep progress going, five steps forward and four steps back. But still a net gain of one step.

This is what utopia looks like in the real world.
"For each age is a dream that is dying,
And one that is coming to birth." --O'Shaughnessy

Current Mood: contemplative
Thursday, November 1st, 2012
11:03 am
Another Halloween
Despite my getting sick, we managed to get through Halloween. I managed to get the yard done on Tuesdaybefore collapsing, and I woke up at 5:30, finished modifying the wolf mask to a rat mask, and our "rodent invasion" theme was pretty much done. Took more cold meds. I was definitely not good to drive, or any other activity needing motor skills and judgement, but I could rave about rats getting huge on Halloween candy and hand out treats.

Chris couldn't participate, having to work swing shift, but he built us a big GIANT mousetrap while I was asleep in the afternoon, woke me up to tell me it was deone, then went off to work. I "baited" it with candy, and put out the last rubber mice just at dark. We still didn't know if we were going to get rain,but it held off until around midnight. Smaller turnout this year more like 100 kids, but still appreciating the unique setup, with the trap, rat/mouse decor, and Andrew in the rat outfit reaching through the grate, making "squee!" noises. Enough kids dubbed him Chuck E. Cheese that we started referring to him as his evil twin. Things tapereed off after 9, and we closed shop at 9:35, turning off lights. Still got some folks after, but people who know the house and wanted to see what we were up to this year.

I took more meds and went to bed. Another successful Halloween!

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Wednesday, October 24th, 2012
5:39 pm
Email account highjack attempt
At 8:16, my cell was texted that someone had tried to change my email password. Fortunately, I have both a strong password and strong challenge questions. Notifications went out to several sources, and I was home, so I immediately changed my password, even though the attempt seemed to be unsuccessful.

Fortunately, all my accounts have different passwords. It's a pain to remember a dozen passwords, expecially since I change them regularily, but something that's a good idea in this day and age.

I do wonder about the origin of the attempt. Random? Someone who was guessing my email identity? Someone who had my email from some outside database? Who knows? Nowadays, it could come from anywhere.

Oe source I know it wasn't was Las Vegas. I didn't even log in, while I was there. I intended to at least check in, but things were busy, and the Asus never made it out of my bag.

Current Mood: curious
Monday, October 8th, 2012
10:56 am
Survived the Weekend!
Color me pleasantly surprised. The Civil War board meeting went well and in an orderly fashion. The factions who were attempting to sow the seeds of discord within the club were not in attendance. And the long and pseudo-legalese letter basically accusing the Admin Board of malfeasance was treated with all the seriousness it deserved, "implied contracts" and all. The biggest probem is that I am going to be the continuity of the Board. Everyone else has had enough of the stress and sniping, and is stepping down. Me, I figure a lot of people won't like what I do, and so what. I try to serve the good of the club and its membership. And if the membership wants to destroy the club, well, I can deal with that, too. At least Andrew is stepping up to the plate to run for Treasurer, probably unopposed. What worries me is if anyone will run for the other positions.

Pleasant evening with our friends Chris and Jane (Chris Phoenix being the old Callahanian and old boyfriend of mine). Nice interlude to prepare for Sunday.

Sunday...about that. Sunday was the final phase of the Great House Reorganization. Well, the most major phase, anyway. This was finishing up the garage sort-and-reorg so that we could finish sorting the boxes in the driveway and get them into the garage for the winter. Or put the last few boxes into the house to be re-incorporated. Pushing through from morning until 10 pm, we got it done. The excess furniture is in the garage, along with the boxes, and you can still get to the drier and the living history stuff. Mission accomplished. Not sure how Andrew is going to fit the 10 boxes of family stuff into the locker, along with the vintage printer, but crossing fingers. Many boxes of things to go to the Salvation Army. I still don't know what I should do with family books in Finnish... So much family stuff, including boxes full of photos. And the files for my father's work on sets for the movie "FBI Story" which really needs to be donated to a film archive or something. All this goes to the locker, to avoid the rodent problem in the garage. But damn, I feel like I've been hit by a truck, today. I've lost track of how much stuff we moved... Took a hot bath with epsom salts. Chiropractor today. I need it.

My motto for the past few days: "There is no try. There is only do."

Current Mood: accomplished
Friday, October 5th, 2012
11:28 am
Itinerant Roosters?
I thought that the Girls had been agitated lately because Koshi (RIP Koshi, our friendliest hen,named for Ambassador Kosh of B5) died over the weekend. But two days ago, I heard bawking in the morning, then what sounded like a pubescent roo sounding out his first crows. WTF?? A crowing hen? Koshi had been flock leader, so maybe there was something weird going on? I went out to the coop and checked, but no one honored me with crowing. They just bawked loudly.

Then, for two days, it's been quiet. No bawking, no crows. But this morning I thought I heard a far-off crow. Not close, but maybe a block away. Now I suspect a young roo loose in the neighborhood. Which would explain why the girls were so agitated. "Ohmigod,it's a Mah-un! He's a young-un! I haven't seen one of those in a while! Ohmigod, ohmigod!" With chain link, I shouldn't get any mystery chicks, I hope. (Though I really do miss chicks.)

Current Mood: amused
Wednesday, October 3rd, 2012
3:05 pm
Humpf, donation deferred
I tried to donate blood at the company blood drive today, but missed my hemocrit count. I hate it when that happens. It seems to be about one time in five or six, over the years. Not enough iron. I need to eat more liver. You would think cooking in an iron frying pan would help... If I get my blood iron up, maybe I could run over the to Red Cross in a couple weeks or something.

On the other hand, I seem to be in otherwise good shape. Heart good, and blood pressure admirable. And I signed up for the on-site gym today. My upper arms are getting bat flaps, and I need to do something about that. And the Zumba dance class looks fun. And they also have kickboxing. On-site means its convenient. I know what I want to do on my lunch hour, now.

Current Mood: chipper
Friday, September 28th, 2012
1:22 pm
Am I Reduced to Soundbites?
Ah, life in the modern world. I'm getting more done, having eliminated TV, limited Facebook logins, and trying to keep a lid on my logins to YouTube and my new interest: Fandor. This last has a lot of small art films, old movies, and...sigh, my eternal addiction, Silent Movies.

I've been watching old Stan Laurel from his pre-Hardy days, and the man was brilliant. I think he might have limited himself with becoming half of the famous duo.

I can claim I'm researching for new material for my Velma stories. Velma is my ca, 1916 erotic heroine who wants to be Theda Bara, who explores her sexuality with enthused innocence. Each story plays off a famous silent movie. "Outlaws of the Storm" was where I paused when I stopped doing the stories for publication. I now have an online site where I can showcase my erotica again, and Velma is starting to nag at me.

About that site...I'm writing fun copy for high-end sex toys, and my employer wanted to add an erotic story page, especially after he saw some of the copy I've been doing. I get to be very creative, and incorporate puns and entendres, while imparting lots of good information on the product. I never before realized that a lot of the manufacturers have their own YouTube channels to talk about product. I've been joking around about "Every boy wants a Tantus toy...and so do girls!" (Tantus is one of the manufacturers.) I'm very frankly having the time of my life.

We are in the midst of a massive house reorganization that is now mostly done. Hopefully, most of the boxes will be out of the driveway soon. It's been a long 3 weeks, somewhat like moving, but you get to stay in the same house. We're also looking at some small kitchen upgrades, maybe later this year. Andrew has already replaced the old fiberboard shelves in the "pantry" (the old 1930's summer cooler) with varnished pine shelves, and the back hallway now has four rows of shelves for food and kitchen stuff.

Been at Hitachi in my new job for over a month, now. I work with a really nice group of people, and have lunch with someone several times a week, something I haven't done in...well, since I left Stratus in the '90's. One guy is an old movie buff, so we have great conversations. The cafeteria is fantastic, too. Dedicated to organic, local, sustainable food, it's also very good! I think SonicWALL letting me go has ultimately worked out for the better.

And I continue to function well in my capacity of Vice President of the NCWA. I have even managed to find us some new/old sites that want us to come play Civil War next year. I'm urging Andrew to run for Treasurer, as our current Treasurer is stepping down, and he's now got all this accounting expertise. I still don't know if the club will manage to continue, but we shall see. And Gettysburg 150th is next year! Yay!

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Saturday, July 21st, 2012
12:56 pm
How NOT to market yourself
While checking for writing jobs online, I come across profiles of people who are looking for work as writers. Some of these folks don't seem to have a clue as to what a resume or online profile is supposed to do. Others, well... their copy speaks for itself. Here are a few sigh-worthy examples:

How would you like to send work back and forth because of poor quality? How would you like to commission another writer to redo work you have already paid? (Somehow, I don't think that this was meant how it comes across!)

Hi, I am a Student. and I always like to browse Internet. Now I am so Confident to earn Money from Internet. (Obvious non-native English. And browsing the Internet qualifies him how? He also lists his experience designing his business cards and playing sports under his "Experience.")

I have always had a passion for writing. This made me the best student in my school both in High school and College as far as writing was concerned. I have never done this for money but since i have internet full time and a lot of spare time, i bet its time i did something i loved and got paid for it. (Good for you. Now, tell me what you can do for me that would make me pay you.)

If I attain the position in your company then I will gave my 100% experience as well as my qualities to achieve goals of the company. I had an opportunity to gain practical experience with copy writing, web researching and data entry works. I have the same work experienced as this job in which I believe that I would be a great help to your company. (Now, would you brush up on your English skills?)

- fresh graduate of BS Psychology.
- currently writing a reality-based book on how things, events, emotions, and the like are perceived by a 20 year old. (Based on her journal?)
- selected as a candidate for best thesis entitled "The Social Attributions in relation to the Life Satisfaction of St. Thomas Aquinas Scholars" upon graduation. (That's going to translate into the business world really well...)
- planning to earn enough income to attend to seminars and workshops to improve credentials.
(The last one is a noble goal; she's going to need it.)

To find work in any area that is suitable to my skills. I am very determined and motivated. I enjoy a challenge. If I do not know the answer, I will find a solution. I take my work seriously and am sure to meet all deadlines. (Translates to "unemployed"? Her skills include Windows XP, customer service, certificates in phone and email etiquette. Her portfolio piece is her high school yearbook. I feel for her, but there is an aura of desperation here.)

Wann earn some money working as a freelancer.I am experinced in copy writing,web designing & i wanna utilize this skill. (Words fail me on this one. And his self-assessed English skills are 5 out of 5!)

Current Mood: amused
Thursday, July 19th, 2012
1:44 pm
My contract was up, so I have been away from tech writing for a couple weeks.And wow, have I been getting a lot done, in terms of the sort of writing I want to do!

Let's see, I finished a paranormal tale of Gettysburg for Short Story Press, an ebook publisher, an erotica story that my editor now wants me to make into a series, some promo travel writing about Maui and Oahu, and a couple web SEO pieces. These are all paying gigs. Oh, and a few short pieces on paranormal phenomena for the web site www.themystified.com

So, now I get to think about working on the more ambitious projects, including getting back to my series "The Ills Flesh Is Heir To" about 19th century medicine, and work on a couple books. I'm also considering pitching a couple travel articles to magazines, now that I've built up some credibility as a travel writer with minor pieces here and there.

It feels good to be back. The thing that has always bothered me about the intensity of working as a tech writer is that it sometimes leaves very little time for anything else. I managed to get "Dining with the Dons" off to Journal of the Early Americas and multiple installments of "The Ills Flesh Is Heir To" done for The Citizen's Companion, but that was mostly because I'd done so much of the preliminary work while I was out of work in the Great Recession.

Currently, I seem to be turning things out at a pretty good rate, and it's encouraging.

Current Mood: creative
Tuesday, June 26th, 2012
6:47 pm
Contract's End
(Sounds like something like Finity's End!)
I haven't had a chance to get here much, of recent months. Too busy with work. But my contract is ending at the end of the week, and I will have a chance to draw breath before the next round.

I will be still staying busy with writing. I have currently on my plate, not related to my corporate contract, these paying gigs:

A user manual for a very exciting software tool called Crevado, for artists managing an online portfolio
A story for Short Story Press for Kindle users
An erotica story
A legal blog about stopping creditor harrassment
(And I'll probably do a few more for my ongoing bankruptcy blog, once I talk to the lawyer whose site I do them for)

Enough to keep me busy for a little while, while I catch my breath and start sending out resumes.

Current Mood: busy
Friday, January 27th, 2012
5:42 pm
Ask a Busy Person...
I've been being remarkably productive, lately. I've been churning out the installments on period medicine for the Citizen's Companion, got out the article "Dining with the Dons" for Journal of the Early Americas, have been dabbling at the edges of a couple of novels that are back with characters nagging at me again, and doing all manner of research for various other projects.

Add to this that it looks like I am the new Vice President of my Civil War club. Which I got without running for office. This seems to happen. People decide I would be good for some position, and voila. It's how I ended up as President of the Science Club and on the Student Council in High School. And just keeps going on. This seems to come with almost a writing project of its own. I can't fathom how much email I've written in the past two weeks, relative to this. Add in hours of meetings with the Admin Board, and there you go.

Add to this that next week I start Shinkendo lessons. I was planning to start this week, but I've been sick a couple of days. And I'm also assisting on courses and doing phone coaching down at Landmark Education.

And this is when I feel most alive. I am going to try to avoid the way I maxed myself out with responsibilities and activities, back in the late '80's, though. Don't want another breakdown, thank you. But I'm pretty sure I'll be able to juggle what I have and still feel pretty good. Not to mention accomplished!

Current Mood: accomplished
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