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And the Computer Went Clunk...

Well, actually, it didn't actually do that on Sunday. It did it a few times over the last few weeks, though, on boot. More clunk-clunk-clunk, actually. And froze. And I hit the side of it, and it was fine. And now it seems to bring itself up and turn into a boat anchor. You can shut it down, but not much else. It has been suggested it has a virus. But considering that it's made funny noises, and started booting again on application of force, I think it's more physical. Since I'm lucky to bring it up once a week (home system - I do most stuff at work, nowadays), and mostly use it for email, I'm not tremendously concerned. Most of my real stuff (writing) is on the laptop. However, I have vowed the laptop will never connect to the internet, and will stick to it.

On the other hand, there is a possibility that I might be being offered a barely-used Linux box. (Sylvia has to check with her son. He put it together for her, and she doesn't like Linux.) This would be great, if it happens! Now someone has to convince Adobe to make a Linux version of Framemaker...
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