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Time and again...

This has been a very weird week. I've been having strange senses of deja vu, the sense that I've been here and had certain conversations before. Then there was the dream that I was talking to Hermoine in Harry Potter, about how she'd been fiddling with time to go to extra classes, and how I think I was getting all my work done by doing something similar. I've had related dreams since. Very odd.

But I started thinking of the Star Trek TNG episode where they had been caught in a loop, and things had been recycling in time for who-knows-how-long, until the small shifts leading up to the destruction of the Enterprise started to add up, and how they finally started saying "Have we had this conversation before?" Then I wondered if maybe we've all annihilated ourselves in the fallout (maybe literal) of Bush's little war, and we're trying to reset things. And if we're finally in enough of a reset that we might be making progress in getting outselves out of that loop. Of course, if that's what's happening, it brings up the interesting question of what the really BAD timeline was like. Maybe we don't want to go there. Let's just hope for resetting it so that the war doesn't happen, and bunches of people don't die.

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