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What the...??? Black water???

So I turn on the sink this morning and am washing my hands when out gushes something that looks like India ink, slightly diluted, but black, nonetheless. A very startling, not to mention alarming, thing to find, first thing in the morning. Completely nonplussed, I let it run for a while, and it finally turns back to normal water. I checked the kitchen sink (and the shower, since I have no intention of showering in black water!), but those seem normal. This says it's something that was in the pipes from the street, but didn't get into the lines that weren't running.

I wonder if it has something to do with them digging up the street, on the far end of the block? But the next question is what is black? Brown, I've seen. Black is a new one. Maybe nice rich black topsoil?

I'm determining if it's worth complaining to the water company, who will probably just say "Oh, just let it run for a while," which I have already done.

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