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Life and Death

I'm tired of deathbeds. I'm tired of late night phone calls with bad news (two, last night). But if you live long enough, it's what happens. It's part of the Cycle.

I heard the one statement I hate to hear, too. "She's hanging on determinedly." So, once again, I have to go have a deathbed chat with a friend in a coma. I've been on the path to crossing twice, though it wasn't my time yet, so I know it's not a path to be afraid of. And hanging on isn't the best thing here, from what I hear.

Strange, but Lia and I had this alternate existance, as what we jokingly called "the Celtic Terrorist Twins." We played a couple of Irish (me) and Welsh (her) maids of all work---who were always arguing unless there were any non-Celts around, then they were the solidarity front. But part of their story was that Mary-Rose was due to die in the smallpox epidemic of '68, and Emily would faithfully bring flowers to her grave every Sunday until she finallymoved to San Jose to start a rooming house, 8 years later. I have this feeling that somehow we sensed someday I would be the one going on, and she was going to pass.

Life and death, the cycle. I'll probably run into Dori there. The pioneer foremothers corps. I think we all knew and made our peace, when we heard the diagnosis. But as Stephen said, "I'd really hoped to be in my '60's before I started losing my close friends."

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