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Identify your online personality!

Some spam/phishing is just too good...

Dear EarthLink customer,

This is an automated email notification sent to your registered email-address.
Please don't reply to it as it will't reach the just department.
Recently there have been many reports of fraud activity regarding stolen account information and stolen identities. (No! Really?!)

This requires a full update on your records matching our database information to suit the future prolongation of account billing.
You will be prompted to provide full and complete information regarding your account with us just so you can identify your online personality. (But what if I have multiple online personalities..bwaahahah!)

Please take several minutes to fill out the forms. (What no speed forms?)
Failure to update your online records will result in a halt of your email account and a possible reactivation fee.

Please Go here to refresh your billing data. (Ah, the pause that refreshes! I love ice water in the face, don't you?)

Thanks for using Earthlink services,
EarthlinkTech Supporting. (I keep thinking of trusses...)

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