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I hate being sick on weekends. Especially since I was in the middle of watching "National Treasure" at the movie theater, last night, when I felt like a mule had kicked me in the head, and was suddenly burning up. So I fumble in my purse, pull out my pillbox, and eat two aspirin, no water, just crunch them down. Yuk. However, I started feeling better within 20 minutes, and could finish out the movie. But I think the last part of it is always going to be a little surreal because of this.

Got up this morning at 8 am, fed the cats, took medication, went back to be until 11 am. Took a combination of more meds, which enabled me to go out and get groceries. I'm doing halfway reasonably, at the moment, but am not optimistic that it will hold. I have already had a bunch of cold meds I've taken, plus put an icepack on my head. So I can get to work and be miserable there, on Monday, I'm sure.

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