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Weekend activities

Friday night, I met Scott for House of Flying Blades. I hadn't counted on the absolute mob scene downtown (Christmas in the Park, and maybe other attractions?), and cruised for parking for so long I almost missed the first of the movie. I ended up parking all the way down by San Jose State, several blocks into the campus! I got into the theater just as the opening credits were starting to roll. Scott had been a bit worried. Great movie, then some Mexican food at Iguana's, which is always good and gives HUGE portions.

Did Dickens Faire on Saturday. I just can't get very enthused at going to Dickens Faire, any more. It's almost more of a habit/tradition than anything else. But then, I also used to work it, and it sucks the life out of you. I never figured out if it was because you don't see sunlight for the run of Faire or if it was getting too close to what Dickensian London was *really* like, but I noticed that Dickens tended to make a lot of us depressed/suicidal. I really don't want to think of the number of people I talked out of suicide at Dickens, back in the old days. And remember a time at Fort Mason when I just sat out on the pier for about an hour, because I couldn't stop crying... It was really nasty, if you allowed it to suck you in, wrap mid-Victorian dispair around you like a winding sheet. They've toned down the negative aspects over the years, which is good. But I still wouldn't want to work it again. This time, I went as an Edwardian tourist, gawking at the charming celebration that reminded her of when she was a little girl. It made it much more interesting.

Bought some pottery, one of which managed to fall out of the car when I opened the back car door at home, and break off the handle on the bowl. Serves me right for remarking that it was hard to store those handled bowls... Decided I could live without a few other items, including a most lustable corset. (And I have HOW MANY corsets? And bustiers, and what, in how many sizes? I'm not even dressing as a girl in living history, often as not, lately.)

Ran the usual weekend errands Sunday, then settled down to making tamales. Was between batches of tamales (soaking more wrappers) when a certain ex of mine knocked on the door, now being employed in the area. I treated him to Thai food for dinner. Back, I worked on more tamales between Auntie Jane phone calls. I think I have enough tamales for one tamale feed I promised, but not enough to pass on a package to another friend who wants them (she has several kids who are fans of my tamales.) You can never have enough tamales, this time of year...

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