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Of Quakes and Tsunamis

I'm getting obsessive about reading stories on the big quake and tsunami in the Indian Ocean.

Maybe it's because I've been obsessing on it for a couple years. Because my subconcious is tapped into what I can only call the vibrations of the planet, and I am convinced we are in a cycle that is mirroring that which spawned, among other phenomenon, the New Madrid Earthquake.

But New Madrid (actually a series of 3 huge quakes, over a period of four months) was not isolated. Huge quakes occurred all over the globe, within a 5-year period, wreaking devastation everywhere. Basically, the earth was vibrating like a gong, as the tecktonics shifted and reassorted like a Rubik's Cube. Why am I the only person who seems to regard this as a planetary phenomenon, not a series of isolated incidents? Because I was struck by the fact that California also had a couple large quakes, and started looking for volcanos, tsunami, and quakes. And they were there, all over the globe. Much is said that the huge tsunami that hit Santa Barbara was a fanciful exageration, for the quake attending it couldn't have produced a wave 30 feet high, which carried a sailing ship a half mile inland. (Funny how this description fits the current tsunami, as well.) Maybe not the California quake, but perhaps an undersea quake somewhere else, which just happened to hit the Califoria coast at about the right time?

So, I've been monitoring the volcanos that have been waking up all around the Pacific Plate. But those aren't the only volcanos that have suddenly roared to life. They are all over the world. Rifts are shifting, and quakes are happening in unexpected places. I find the reports of a series of small quakes centered in *Scotland* just as troubling as a major volcanic eruption in Africa, just for that reason. Africa has a known history of these events. Scotland...well, the western edge of Europe isn't noted for earthquakes, and the last big quake to hit the British Isles was in the 1750's.

Plus, there was a big quake in the South Pacific near Antarctica, very recently, though it was far enough from civilization that its influence wasn't widely felt. This latest quake, at 9.0 a biggie by anyone's standards, is said to have actually influenced the rotation of the earth. Maybe it was big enough to relieve the stress cycle that's been building up. Maybe. And I worry that before this last one is done, the death toll will be maybe 100,000, just from the quake and tsunamis alone. (It's already passed 50,000.) Add in the aftermath, and how much death and destructiion will we be looking at in south Asia? But only time will tell if Ma Earth will quiet down or throw another major tantrum or three. When these cycles hit they tend to be both big, and global. And if this isn't the end, fasten your seatbelt, as the planet is in for a rough ride. The next round could be us.

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