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Omens of closure

Is it one of the boundary times that come into one's life? Before I lost a close friend, Mr. Rogers (a icon of my past), and just got notice of (okay, I know it's weird) the death of my cat's sibling, I had a feeling it was going to be a sad year. It was the convergence of omens in the fictional world. Itto Ogami (Lone Wolf and Cub) had just died, Toshii (of Toshii and Matsu, my favored Japanese historical drama on TV) had just died, and I knew the graphic novel The Celestial Zone was due to end in two volumes (meaning lots of its martial artist heros were going to die). Last weekend, I had a dream about Itto Ogami. I was trying to bind up his death-wound, so that he could last through a couple more battles to take out Yagu Retsudo. Hmmm...

BTW, it also doesn't make me feel warm and cozy (well, unless you think of bombs creating warm and cozy explosions) to know that Mars will be closer than in 72,000 years, this year. The Red Planet has always been a symbol of War. It just makes you pause and wonder if there is some sort of omen there. I hope we all make it through 2003.

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