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Possessed by possessions...

1. What's the oldest possession you own?
If it's real, a small Egyptian scarab, which has some sort of resinous gunk stuck to it. (I'm kind of hoping it's not, because I know what that resinous gunk means, if it is...)
Otherwise, a 1560 copy of Chaucer that's been in the family for a loooong time.

2. What one possession have you owned the longest?
Wow, my cynical-personality Teddy Bear, who's been with me since I was about 18 months old. (His name apparently comes from a billboard of the time, showing a bear pointing at a Ford auto, saying "Wow." I picked up on it. He's my equivalent of Hobbes the Tiger, and yes, I still talk to him. And he would take exception to being thought of as "owned" or being a "possession."

3. What's the most expensive possession you own?
Excluding real estate, my pickup truck. Except I still owe Ford Credit for most of its value.

4. What's the most precious (to you) possession you own?
My father's painting "Crystal Tree," which I have pledged will be on my bedroom wall until the day I die, so that it will always be the last thing I see at night. A couple other items Jana or my other late friend Lia made come close second. Followed by the quilt made by my great-grandmother out of my mother's and grandmother's dress scraps, in the 1920's.

5. What's the rarest possession you own?
Heh, there are so many. But I guess I would make it either one of my antique kimono or (my personal favorite) the 18th century manuscript cookbook.

6. What's the oddest, strangest, or silliest possession you own?
Ahem, an Edo period dildo shaped like a praying Japanese monk.

7. What's the newest possession you own (not food)?
An 18th century German almanac. Or, if you count bought on ebay but not arrived from Japan yet, Yet Another Kimono.

8. Which of your possessions most sums up your personality?
Oh come on! Where are you going to draw the line, the cookbooks, the kimono, the cast iron, the cannon, the swords? Hmm, okay, maybe Soyer's "Culinary Campaigns," telling his experiences in Crimea, what he cooked for the troops, and with pictures of swords, cannon, and cast iron cookpots!

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