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Reflections on Casanova

I just put a bid on a 6-volume set of Casanova's Memoires on ebay. This one looks to be fairly complete, with each volume at 700+ pages. I first discovered this charming reprobate when I was in high school, and have been quite enamored with him ever since. Ah, I must be yet another of those women smitten by his engaging ways!

Seriously, I can understand why he was so popular. He's got to be one of the most engaging rascals in history, charming, erudite, educated, witty, and fascinating. His amorous escapades are just another aspect of his amazing life, where he moved with the rich and famous, and did everything from inventing the lottery, to practicing alchemy, to offering advice to Frederick the Great, to being nearly killed by lightning during a pretended seance he was staging to scam a wealthy patron. (Gotta watch doing those major ceremonial invocations outside during thunderstorms!) And to top it off, he writes really, really well. I've read different excerpts over the years, and have been hankering for a full collection for some time. These single/double volume abridged sets are just a taste to make you want more! No one can make the 18th century come alive quite like Casanova---he's as good as any novel, and it's REAL.

I am hoping to make even more acquaintance with him soon!

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