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Of friends with cancer...

Debbie seems to be doing better, psychologically. She knows she has a limited time here, but I think she's dealing with it better.

Oddly enough, I think she's dealing better because what she has isn't breast cancer. It showed up in her breast, but the cell analysis showed it was metastatic---with origins in her muscles. Basically, she's got cancer in her muscle tissue, that's starting to spread through her body. On closer examination, they found a small tumor in her upper thigh, though it might be a secondary tumor. She's now on a chemo drug therapy that's supposed to zap her complete system, and she feels better. She complains that she doesn't have the energy she used to, having to stop for the night in driving from Oregon to Morro Bay---used to be able to drive 500 miles like it was nothing. I pointed out to her that a lot of people don't do that well when they're *healthy.*

I just checked on proleukin, the chemotherapy drug. Used for experimental systemic cancer treatments, metastatic melanoma. Hmm, it's also being investigated for possible use in AIDS. I find myself wondering odd thoughts, like the fact that she worked for an AIDS research project for close to 10 years. No, better not to even speculate on possible connections.

I'm glad that she's dealing better. It's really not whether you live or die, but how you deal with whatever time you have, ultimately.

We're making plans for getting together in July, during the shutdown week. She plans to still be working, and her job as a ranger keeps her busy on weekends, so midweek will be good. My job seems to have decided I need to do this, and I'm happy about it.
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