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Running water...

...shouldn't be in the street. Particularily when it's bubbling up out of the pavement.

It started small, on Saturday. I thought the pavement looked a bit damp, but thought maybe someone had spilled some water, somehow. By Sunday morning, there was a streak with some sandy material and a puddle in the gutter, and the water company folks showed up (having been called by two neighbors) and spraypainted some marks on the street and said they had to call PG&E because there was also a gas main under there.

This morning, when I went out to my car, there was a small lake along the curb and water happily bubbling out of the street in three different places, now creating a nice little brook. I called the water company and told them the leak had taken a dramatic turn for the worse, and I was afraid it could create a sinkhole. "Is the pavement buckling?" "Not yet, but it's a huge stream, and I suspect it's only going to get worse."

I went home at lunch and got there as the water company was pulling away. I hope they are taking this seriously, as the water was bubbling at a great rate, and had now created several small holes in the pavement around its source, and a section of street was now noticably sagging and a straight seam was opening in parallel with the side of my driveway. When I turned on the house water, I noticed the pressure was quite a bit diminished. I have dinner with friends tonight, and won't be home until later, so it will be interesting to see what I find when I get home. Hopefully not something calling for an urban small stream flood warning.

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