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How many rats do I HAVE??

When I talked about the plague of rats, I wasn't really thinking of it in a literal sense. And I've checked on Rode-trol, and by now, all those rats should be pushing up daisies. Except that I keep putting out more and more bait, and it just keeps disappearing, and all I find is pallid rat droppings. I've read up on Rode-trol, and based on the amount needed per rat bodyweight, it's supposed to have long since made these guys extinct, except...could I have essentially a flood of rats that just goes on and on? Let's see, if rats can start having little rats at 3 months of age, and it take 3 weeks to gestate the little rats, and they have a litter of 8 or so... Geez, Ming and the rat bait combined could hardly keep up.

Anyway, I've been through a 5-pound package of rat bait, so far. I'm down to about half a cup of the stuff, and they just keep eating it up. However, if my neighbor was watching rats run around at night, and they were bold enough to run right across her cat, I'm suspecting the rat problem is serious, possibly MUCH more serious than I'd estimated. If they were eating the bark off my tree, this also indicates starving rats, which implies a high rat population, since I'm sure they've been eating the cat food that she puts out on her porch, too. What amazes me is how fast they're going through the rat chow---um, bait--in the garage. I put out about a cupful every two days, and pow, it's gone. Since it looks like they were trying to nest, in there, I'd say the garage had developed its own rat colony.

My theory about this population explosion is threefold:
1. The owls that lived in the big tree behind me are gone (their nest has disappeared), and they had been helping to keep the population down.
2. The neighbors kitty-corner to the rear tore down a bunch of old sheds last year, so I may have inherited their rats.
3. It's been very wet, and rats love to live in sewers, which are now flooded. Gotta go somewhere.

Time to buy more rat bait...

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