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My usual frenetic weekend...

Short version:
Friday: dinner and socializing at Pantheacon with my old boyfriend Dean, until late.
Saturday: the Rare Book Fair in SF! I drop the price of a good used car on rare books, making myself hyperventilate a bit. But I really, really needed the early Mexican cookbooks, and have been kicking myself for not getting them for two years, now. It's also a good investment. Over to Japan center, where Chris and I hit up Genji Antiques (good thing I didn't have the pickup, or I'd have been tempted by a couple tansu cabinets, despite my earlier purchases), eat sushi, shop in the video and bookstores (like I need more books...okay, so I do), and I buy some new incense. Home in time to catch Wickedly Perfect and the latest historic samurai drama.
Sunday: put out more rat bait. Work on translating recipes from the Mexican cookbooks. Cook (non-period) enchaladas to take to the Norfolk Light Artillery meeting. Go to Norfolk meeting, which lasts until about dark. Start reading 1864 Welsh cookbook from the book fair--very few veggies that aren't leeks or roots, but lots of good innards. Watch Iron Chef America.
Monday: lots of time on the phone returning calls, run errands, shop for groceries. Find cheap "Refresh Your Spanish" CDs, and get them. Listen to a couple tracks in the car. Vacuum, frantically try to locate all my tax stuff for appointment later this week. Can't find half my charity receipts, only those from Sept and later, can't find the timeshare interest statement (not good). (Of course I thought I knew where they were...) More yard work, repotting the large plants into bigger pots, scraping up semi-compost from driveway at the rear of the house, where the leaves have piled up for 2 years... Meet Scott for dinner at Taiwan Restaurant in Willow Glen--terrific Ginger Beef!!. Get home just in time to watch Digging for the Truth--Otsi the Ice Man, this time, with some great stuff on his time period and equipment that I hadn't heard before. Fall asleep translating Mexican recipes... Dream that I'm at a Civil War event, but they've forgotten the gunpowder for the cannon and I get into a safety dispute with someone from another club...then run to cook dinner, but my cookbook has turned into a compiler manual...

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