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Ten Things Meme

Ten things I've done that you probably haven't.

1. Demonstrated historic cooking for Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Phillip.
2. Was on the first commercial jet flight to Hawaii (Pan Am).
3. Participated in a naval battle between tall ships, firing cannon as we raked the bows and broadsided ships like the Pride of Baltimore and the Californian.
4. Marched 24 miles in one day, over the mountains of Point Reyes, dressed in 16th century Scots mercenary gear, carrying only period equipment (including a pike). Also hauled a 2-wheeled cart (4'x6', with 4' diameter wooden wheels) full of armor over 7 miles of trail, making the trail as we went; this included unloading everything to haul the cart up essentially a cliff, on ropes. Camped out for 4 days on this excursion.
5. Fired a 21-gun cannon salute off the Brigantine Hawaiian Chieftain in Monterey harbor, to celebrate the 150th anniversary of Sloat's Landing, and attended the official ceremonies at the Presidio of Monterey as an 1840's seaman.
6. Spelunked the Stanford Linear Accelerator one night, a small party of us climbing around inside the giant magnetron that had been shut down, and exploring disused underground tunnels with 6-foot stalactites growing out of the ceiling!
7. Hiked into a closed area (ahem) of Sequoia National Forest and camped out for 5 days in the middle of nowhere, with no chance of meeting another living soul, living mostly on trout we caught.
8. As a preschooler, travelled in a '53 Ford station wagon through the most remote areas of Monument Valley and the 4 Corners area, when the roads were only dirt tracks. We passed through sheet floods, flash floods, and once my father topped a rise and drove off an 8-foot cliff, crashing down into an arroyo.
9. Watched a hukalau (sp?) being held on the reef one night, north of Molokini (Maui), where the natives were spear-fishing by torchlight. (This was NOT a tourist attraction. As a matter of fact, there was only one tourist hotel on Maui at the time, on the opposite side of the island.)
10. Climbed around inside C-14's on an air base in the middle of the night with a former boyfriend, who was a flight crew chief. (Folks would never be able to do this nowadays, with Homeland Security and all!)

(I'm not going to get into anything to do with celebrity, since I could drop a LOT more names than most folks.)

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