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Timing is all...dental problem

So here I am in the middle of a work frenzy with long hours. After rescheduling out a week, because of work pressures, already, I get in to see my dentist this morning about a bit of throb and bite-sensitivity in a tooth. She has me referred to an endodontist for a root canal within 60 seconds of looking at the x-ray. I say "can I put this off for a few weeks, because I'm really busy?" and get a stern lecture on how I've already let it get really bad, and I am seeing the endodontist as early as they can get me in. (Sigh, she periodically gives me "I don't understand how you can just put up with tooth pain like you do, even when it's eating away your jaw" lectures.)

So I'm scheduled for 8 am Monday morning. Oh joy. I wonder if I can do with this like I've done with extractions (including my wisdom tooth extraction), and just take aspirin afterward, and get into work, or if it's going to louse me up for the whole day. My dentist thinks the stress I've been going through has aggravated the condition, too. Yeah, timing is all. I am not amused.

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