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Vegas and Utah trip

Well, sometimes things work out interestingly. Scott's doctor thinks he can manage the trip, so long as he's not on the foot for very long at a time (he says he's getting fairly good with his crutches...). I've said we can check which Casinos are disability-friendly. I mentioned the Rio, and it turns out to be one of the two places he wants to go. That and Mandalay Bay, which I seem to recall having a close parking lot with easy access. Maybe we can get a wheelchair for him. He says he's perfectly happy to spend some time at the condo, while I do other stuff.

In terms of Zion/Bryce Canyon, a lot of this will be cruising in the car, anyway. I planned this deliberately so that you can drive inside the park at Bryce, before it closes to traffic on April 1. If I want to do some hiking (not planning more than an hour, anyway), I can always leave Scott at the Visitor Center with a book...

This could be fun. Scott and I once talked about doing some vacation stuff together, anyway. And it turns out he's always wanted to visit Las Vegas. And this way I can use 2-for-1 coupons!

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