Jilara (jilara) wrote,

Messages from beyond

How do you tell a friend that his dead wife stopped by the other night with a message that she wasn't ready to leave yet, and would be watching over him? Sigh, one of the little talents of Mother's family. Ghosts talk to us. Which might be why I've never been afraid of them... (My mother, on the other hand, was always weirded out by it, when they visited her.)

I find it troubling that she's still here, and discussed it with her spirit. She replied with what seems to be a standard reply for these folks: she wasn't ready to go. Why was she talking to me, and not to Mike? She explained it was easy to contact me, because we've always had a psychic bond. Said she was going off to check on Mike, and headed out. I only hope she soon decides to move on...but I do have experience in convincing folks to do so, so...

Why do I feel like this is not the last time I'm going to hear from her?

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