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Ah, Las Vegas (and vicinity)

The desert on the way over was FULL of wildflowers, but it still seems a bit early on the Nevada side. But never mind. I'm happy.

I hit my favorite sushi bar that night, and ended up chatting with a lady who was a local. We ended up splitting a "happy together" roll---appropriately named! The garlic tuna was as good as I remembered. This is a locals place, way, way, way out Flamingo, and as good as any sushi I had in Tokyo. The strip would be hard-pressed to match it.

Met up with John and Louise, and also found that the Easter Bunny had visited my room. There was a soft-sculpture rabbit and some goodies sitting on the coffee table, along with a card, when I got in. My sister-in-law is great!

Sunday, we ended up in the mountains, in the snow, because John and Louise didn't listen to my directions to Red Rock Canyon, but were going by something on a map they had. But this was lots of fun! We even found a ski area where they were still skiing! There was even one guy dressed as the Easter bunny running around up there! So, back down the mountain, and off to Red Rock Canyon, this time for sure! I chatted with a native-looking woman who has lived in Boulder City for 40 years, but it was her first time there. The place is certainly impressive, made of petrified sand dunes piled up in prehistoric times. There were lots of specs on the cliffs, climbing the faces. I wasn't dressed for it, or I might have been ding a bit of bouldering, myself. Lots of folks doing easter picnics at the picnic areas---we stopped at several. If you got out of the car, there were lots of wildflowers, but so small that they blended in, if you were just sitting looking through auto-glass. I found some handprints in ochre on a rock at the Willow Springs picnic area. John and Louise folded early, so I went out and hit Mandalay Bay. Lots of excess. I am eternally impressed with how HUGE and what great production values these places have. I went through Shark Reef, the big aquarium, which was as well landscaped as everything else. I must have spent two hours there, including some time just watching drifting moon jellies. And I refused to leave until I had seen the green sea turtle, which means I spent a LOT of time at the sunken wreck room. Well spent, every minute of it. There is something surreal about a world-class aquarium in the middle of a desert, though. But Mandalay Bay is all about water...

Yesterday, I saw "Pirates 4D" at the Luxor, which was silly in a Disney way with fun 3D effects. But then there was the pigeons that flew over, while water rained from the ceiling. Yup, 4D.

I scored some comp tickets for the seafood buffet at the Rio, so John and Louise, and Louise's brother and his wife and I all met up there. Great food, but had to watch for scallops. No poisoning for me!

I went to the Chippendale's show, after John and Louise headed back to their trailer. Lots of martial arts influences and great dance. I look at it differently from a lot of women---I appreciate the real background. The sex influence is a job for these guys, but the dance...you do this for love. That's the real sensuality. I respond to dance and martial arts in ways that silly striptease doesn't do it for me. So I appreciate it on more levels than most. I'll analyze the techical aspects of stripping choreography and costuming, but imagine myself dancing with these guys... Sniff, I want to go back to capoeira, but my job just doesn't have any room for that, currently. Really amazing guys doing acrobatics on "curtains" too, equal to Cirque performers, I'd say. Oh yeah, baby. That's what's sexy: athleticism.

Then I went downstairs and fielding my usual Rio luck, I hit a HUGE jackpot on a penny slot on my second dollar (I love the bonus rounds in the video-game-style slots, they're fun), and spent the next 20 minutes playing it off on their money. (Know how long you can play on a penny slot when you've won about $25?) Which was just in time to catch the 9:30 show of Masqurade in the Sky and the dance on the main stage. I practically participate, with clapping and moving, while I watch. Then I went downstairs to the wine bar, and had a flight of zin, and compared notes with a couple guys down there. We had a great chat about wine and the Southwest, how the world was changing, and life in general. I'm realizing I'm now a wine expert, and can hold my own with the best of them, which is somewhat amazing to me. We closed the place down. The door was locked when we went to leave. I have a recommendation on where to eat in Utah from them, too. Great time. But then, the Rio is magical for me... It's my favorite casino.

Well, today is onward to Utah!

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