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Sorta back from Vacation

Work hard, vacation hard... I think, today, I mostly have my brain back online. It was kind of surreal Monday and Tuesday, in that I was completely toasted, suffering sleep depravation, and had done way too many things in too little time. But I lept back into the work madness at full speed. (No, the release still hadn't gone out.)

But it was kind of like sleepwalking, the whole way. I keep forgetting I'm not 20 any more, and it's not fair that don't have the same stamina! (Most folks who know me say that no one can keep up with me, anyway. Very few over the age of 12 would have kept up with my vertical hike at Zion, for sure!)

Eventually, I'll manage to post the rest of the trip, with doing Hoover Dam and Lake Mead, up to St. George, driving to Bryce Canyon in the snow, getting sick at the visitor center and driving 100 miles back to my condo, getting up and visiting a buncha other parks the next day, hiking myself silly at Zion until I caught the last shuttle after dark, driving back to Vegas next day, hitting the Strip until 11, then heading out for the Strip at 9:30 the next morning, to return at 9:30 that night (being sensible rather than staying out late, because I knew I had to drive 500 miles the next day, plus there was the time shift). But getting up early and to bed late and going nonstop (if I wasn't driving I was hiking) took its toll. (Plus, I think I hit menopause hard, all of a sudden, as I was waking up several times a night, burning up and drenched in sweat. I suppose it had to happen eventually, but I'm rather annoyed at it.)

I think that the extra hour I spent hanging out with the dolphins at the Mirage was well spent. There is just something about dolphins popping up out of the water 3 feet away that is both relaxing and re-invigorating. I'm not into the whole dolphin mystique, but they have an infectious charm and enthusiasm that is hard to resist.

I'm only now processing my experiences, now that I'm home. I think my brain just didn't have any extra cycles left for committing anything into long-term memory until lately.

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