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The Major Export of Nigeria

Nigerian scam letters seem to be the major export, lately. I have gotten at least 50 different variations, though I am not sure if some actually originated in Nigeria. The other popular place of origin seems to the Eastern Block countries. This includes several from various purportedly British firms, trying to resolve estates. I got one that was a Mexican variation, talking about how the money, which was to be used for the support of widows and orphans, was tied up in legal wrangling, and that by the Blessed Madre, your name came to our attention, etc.

Last week was a new record for copies of the Nigerian Scam, though. I got 36 copies, about half of which actually made it to my in box. (I only checked the bulk folder of one account, the one that often gets opt-in newsletters I subscribe to, despite my repeated declarations that they are not spam. The other account's filter probably has even more.)

At some point, the Nigeria Scam will be so overexposed it will lose most of its effectiveness by sheer bulk. At least that is my hope. If Joe Not-So-Swift-Email-Reader gets 10+ copies a week, even he might wonder why his bank account was selected for this special offer...

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