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Planes in the night

Officially, the military says that they *accidentally* flew a couple low-flying training missions into Moffat Field during the night, waking up residents. That they thought that the nighttime aircraft noise restriction only applied on Sunday. Officially, it woke up folks in Willow Glen. Well, it also woke me up, by the flight path of San Jose Main, instantly and in a panic, trying to locate it, because it was a sound I've heard before.

I think there's plenty they're not saying.

- First, Moffat is officially shut down for those kinds of ops, unless it's an emergency.
- Second, this was NOT the Moffat Field flight path. Unless they were trying to make San Jose Main, and were diverted to Moffat at the last minute, figuring they could make it. Which fits with what I was hearing on aircraft noise. They came in on a nonstandard trajectory, heading for San Jose Main, then diverted on final approach to follow the freeway.
- LAST and MOST IMPORTANT: I said I knew the sound. I know the sound because I've heard it before, and shortly after the prior engine noise passed over, there was a large explosion and screaming. It was the sound of an aircraft engine laboring to keep going, and cutting out and re-engaging. When I was 7, a plane went over our house, sounding like that, and went down into the apartment building on the corner. Three people died, a bunch more injured. It's a sound you DON'T forget. It was a sound that made my blood run cold, and me to prepare to meet my maker. Especially since this plane sounded so much BIGGER than the one that crashed.) This was a prop aircraft in distress. A military aircraft.

I think this is one where folks might be better off not knowing the real scoop, because possible scenarios as to what really happened last night would just upset them more. It didn't happen. Be glad.

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