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Another 3 AM Rodent

More gifts for Circe... Amazing how you instantly wake up when you hear "MMMMMMM"-"Squee-squeak!"
I get out of bed, looking for cats. I turn on the light, and see Ming hunched over something in the hall, with Circe watching. As I watch, he takes a couple steps forward, drops something, and steps back. I still can't see exactly what he's given her. Circe steps forward and swats at it, as I move forward to check.
It's a rat. A fairly large dead rat. VERY recently dead, to judge by the squeaky noise. Oh swell. He's bringing her hunting-training gifts again. "Here, I brought you a rat. Now I'm going to kill it. Here, you try it." Tis the season, I guess.
I go get a paper towel to remove it, while Circe swats it around a bit. Sorry guys, play time is over. I take it out to the driveway and leave it for morning (where I retrieved it and took it to the compost pile, this morning). "No more rats in the house," I say to Ming, before falling back into bed. Like he's going to listen...

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