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A Troubling Spring

While I really, really like stormy weather, and the wildflowers are amazing, I am well-tuned enough to California's climactic moods to find this year unsettling and somewhat troubling. I feel a great disturbance in the Force...

For one thing, the shifts are odd. First it's warm, then it's cold, then it's warm... And a lot of the weather patterns for the Bay Area are now coming out of the south. We're getting weather that normally breaks north of Santa Barbara, where the jet stream and oceanic currents make for a division at Point Conception. And it's been cold, and often rainy, oftener and later than within the parameters. Notice I said nothing about seasonal norms, etc. I'm talking about stuff that's weird even allowing for major deviations such as we are periodically prone to.

And then there are how the plants are reacting. Confused, yes, that's it. I have a plum tree that I normally have to heavily thin or it breaks the branches. It has FIVE plums on it, this year. Yes, I said FIVE. It bloomed normally, but my theory is that some of the cold weather knocked out the pollinators. It's a bad year for bees in general. Oh yes, I've only been getting pollination on my broad beans in the past couple weeks. They've been thriving, with all this cool wetness, but the flowers fall off without setting pods, because there haven't been any bees around until very recently. Honeybees are in a huge decline, nationwide, so that I can understand. But where were the bumblebees and carpenter bees? I've only seen them for a couple weeks, now, and in much reduced numbers. And it's only to them I probably owe the broad bean pollination (and they are, after all, the adapted pollinator for same). The red currant didn't bloom at all, though it's putting a lot of effort into vegetation. All the veggies are late. My roses are developing a white fungus that looks like they were sprayed with white paint, a new one I haven't seen before. The oregano should be in full bloom by now, but it's still vegetative. My last irises are still blooming. Normally, they would be done for almost a month, at this point. I hear the cherry growers are seriously concerned, having already lost about a third of the crop because of the weird weather, and getting more concerned all the time.

We can only see what will be happening by the time it's summer. I have a foreboding about that, too.

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