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Search info overload

I'm noticing it's coming to the point where very soon, the search engines will cease to be useful, due to too much information on the net. I was trying to find information on the *life* of Max von Boehm lately, and no matter what parameters I typed in, I couldn't find it. I got lots of hits on the man himself, mostly in bibliographical lists, or listings for books he wrote, but a bio?

Today, I wanted to research some cookware specifics for compare-and-contrast. The one hit I got that had real, useful reviews of finishes, etc. automatically rerouted to a sales site. I kept hitting the back button and reading the info three words at a time, which was how long before it flashed back to trying to sell you "titanium cookware". I eventually managed to add enough parameters to get one or two hits on consumer reviews in the pages of attempted sales. There were some that looked promising on the link page, but just took you to a "buy this" page.

It's happening. There is too much junk on the internet. (Of course, it doesn't help that the sales sites pay to get themselves into top slots, with the search companies.) The niche for data-miners is broadening.

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