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Where oh where does my creativity go?

I notice my creativity ebbs and flows with a lot of my work situation. If there's no bandwidth for anything except doing work, I can't think creatively. It's like a brain seizure. I can't look at a pattern and visualize a completed garment. I can't plot a story, even when I know where I want it to lead. I can't visualize a crafts project. It's even hard to read fiction, because I have trouble translating words to image. This worries me, because my brain didn't do this when I was much younger, though I am not sure I was ever doing so much or processing so much as I am at work, currently. The one place I can still visualize is cooking. I can still read a recipe in a cookbook and my brain can visualize how it will taste and smell. If I ever lose that one, I'm in trouble. Maybe the problem with the other one is I'm losing the verbal/visual linkage under stress. With food, it's a verbal/taste/smell linkage.

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