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Down time...and garden things

I only got about a third as much done around the house this weekend as I had hoped, but my system said "I'm sorry, I need some down time." I didn't want to talk to anyone, see anyone, and my major interest seemed to be the yard. I excavated a bit of the junk that's been piling up near the front door, but it was only a small dent. I sat and read, and listened to music, and...gasp, relaxed. I felt quite meditative.

I got a ton of yard stuff done, which somehow feels like a luxury, because I enjoy yard work. Got most of the deadheading done on the roses, which have mostly stopped blooming. I pruned back the Abraham Darby hard, as I've noticed it will flower again if I show it no mercy. I'll need a ladder to get the last of the deadheads off Graham Thomas, which is up to the roof, again. The yard is looking reasonably good, and the Shirley poppies are glorious! I tossed out seeds of two different mixes, and they took over about the time the roses were petering out. (Actually, Heritage and Seven Sisters are still blooming, currently, and I seem to be getting a second flush off Celine Forestier, which is a lovely silk-textured yellow with a slight blush.)
I got the eggplants planted in the Earthbox, and hope they do as well as the tomatos have. I have a TON of tomatos developing, and at this rate may be harvesting the first of them within two weeks. The Anaheim pepper has just started blooming, so there may be stuffable chilis soon, too. The peas seem finished (I actually got one full serving, this year, before it got too hot!), and I suspect the broad beans are about done, too. One more harvest, and that will be it. I need to get some summer beans planted out... The Eightball zucchini looks stunted, and only has male blooms. I planted Italian grey squash seeds this weekend, in hopes those do better. I pickled the last of the Chinese mustard, just enough for one jar. Still, that makes three jars full, despite having used one already. I am indebted to "The Edible Asian Garden" for the recipe, and the pickled greens go well with any meat stir-fry.

Baked a couple loaves of bread, yesterday, using the starter left from the Dana Adobe bread. Wow, it just keeps getting better! I feed it more flour every few days, and it just keeps bubbling along. I could have used the bread machine, but I felt like doing real baking this time, so I did up one loaf in a standard breadpan and one standard oval. I wonder how long I'll keep this starting going? It seems to be a winner.

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