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Heinlein Meme

Hmm, it's going around, this meme of things you should be able to do, and I found that most of what was in it didn't seem terribly unusual for my own life. I wonder what that says?

Change a diaper - Um, what's so different about that? Even washed out cloth ones.
Plan an Invasion - several times, including currently. I'm a writer, after all.
Butcher a Hog - Well, I didn't kill it myself, but I helped dress it. My part mostly involved hot water and scraping. The other guys bled it and gutted it. I've also helped cook one, but not the same hog or at the same time.
Conn a Ship - I somehow don't think a sailboat counts, but I've taken the tiller on a fairly large one, on one occasion.
Design a building - Even if you don't count in the plumbing, electrical, building codes, and materials involved, designing buildings non-trivial. But coming from a family of building designers (Grauman's Chinese, Casino at Catalina, Fullerton Theater, Pantages Theater, etc.) and architects, there's a lot more to this than I think people know, and it's definitely not for amateurs.
Write a sonnet - Quite a few, actually. Some were even published.
Balance accounts - yeah, so?
Build a wall - what kind of wall? There's a difference between say, a house wall, a brick wall, a drystone wall, etc. (Done bricks and drystone. A house wall, I've only finished the outsides. No framing.)
Set a bone - Does resetting a badly-dislocated shoulder at a mining camp in the middle of nowhere count? (I thought the ranger who was helping me was going to faint.)
Comfort the Dying - How many times?
Take Orders - I'm a military reenactor. I'm good at this.
Give Orders - See above. I also did it a lot as the SCA Head Constable.
Cooperate - yeah, so? It's the only way things get done in society. The trick is to know when *not* to cooperate.
Act alone - uh, I tested out on one of those work style things as "Jungle Fighter," which means this is where I am at my best.
Solve equasions - I got a lot of A's in algebra
Analyze a new problem - people say my problem is that I analyze *everything*!
Pitch manure - are we talking tossing cow pies or shoveling shit? Done that, whichever.
Cook a tasty meal - over a fire, for 50
Fight efficiently - I admit my teenaged streetfighting wasn't terribly efficient, even though I usually won. That's why I took so much martial arts, so that I am now very efficient. But the most efficient solution is not having to fight at all, Grasshopper.
Die Gallantly - I can only hope. I still think it would be much better to go out in a battle for a glorious cause than to die in bed in a rest home. Barring that, I'll settle for like my father's cousin, at 88, having slipped and hit his head while ice fishing.

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