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Kicked by characters

Well, that was a surprise. I never know who will show up and DEMAND I write about them. Last week, it was John Hancock, whom I never expected to write about.

This time, it was a whole host of new characters I've never met before, in a book that's been on a back burner in my head for a couple years, an irreverent romp through the lives of yuppies who flee the rat race to open businesses in small towns. It's always had a sort of "Tales of the City" ambiance, but it would only tell me small bits and parts, and most of the characters hadn't really coalesced as yet. Now, it's springing full-blown from my head, with a cast of dozens. The most amazing one was Rene Fortuna, the animal rights activist. It didn't even hit me until later that she's referred to as Ms. Fortuna, which certainly fits her. I did just over 13 pages on Sunday, and the characters are still clobbering me over the head. I'm now wondering if it's going to be like the Regency romp I wrote in less than a month, about 15 years ago.

That novel was the same way, ideas kicked around, not really coalescing, until one day, it arrived and insisted I start typing. This one feels like that. It can be annoying, because it usually means other aspects of your life suffer, and you don't get as much sleep as you should. But the forces of tale-telling have decreed you must be their channel, and Make It So.

I'm kind of hoping to get Ben Franklin back. He was quite insistant, as well, a couple months ago, and the book with him in it is more important, since I'm writing it *with* someone. But it goes in fits and lurches, waiting for the characters to decide the time. And they've mostly made me toss out all the stuff I tried to write without their help, because it just doesn't ring right, now that they've started talking in the back of my head. But hey, it looks like we're going on an excursion into the present day, for now. This program has been pre-empted for a special broadcast...

And for someone whom I know will probably read this, I don't need any comments on getting any of this published. As I've said before, that's NOT why I write, and you have no idea of what it's like to be inside my head. So leave me alone. I'd hate to lock you out of posts like this one.

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