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Creative bursts

Why is it that when I'm on a writing streak, I also feel a need to *read*? Like I have one hand on the keyboard and the other holding open a book? (Actually, lately, it's usually the laptop in my lap, and a book in hand, alternating between logical breakpoints in the book and writing on my project?) I'm not getting enough sleep, but when I find myself waking up with the computer in power save and the book open facedown next to me, it's time to heed the call... But there's an amazing amount of writing pouring out of me right now, and somehow reading while I'm doing it kind of keeps the pump primed. I think it's because my brain is in the right kind of semi-hypnotic state to let the book just take over, and reading fiction helps maintain it.

This latest book stuff is definitely in gusher mode, right now. And I'm feeling a polite tapping on my shoulder that means another cast of characters from another book is wanting to cut in and have their say. "Not right now," I am muttering, assuring them that I will try to fit them in, somewhere. Probably sleep time, again, since I am strung six ways from Tuesday trying to keep up with all the obligations I have, as it is. Seems like my phone rings off the hook, often in "I NEED to talk!" mode whenever I'm home, so I don't get a lot of time during evening hours. Well, I've always done my best work after 11 pm, anyway...
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