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Now that's Barbecue!

Yesterday, I did Barbecue. I did Tennessee Barbecue. I did Tennessee Barbecue right.

Doing proper barbecue is a lot like fishing. You get into a zen space, and you make the decision that what you're going to do is barbecue.

It starts with baby back ribs, which are soaked in marinade overnight. This marinade is thin, vinegar-based, and has no acquaintance with tomatos, because this is Tennessee barbecue. My version uses habenero hot sauce and molassass, unlike some that use other peppers or brown sugar. I gave mine a Carribbean flair with a lot of allspice, this time. But the big thing is that barbecue can't be hurried. You let the coals burn down to a nice bed, and then you put the meat on the grill, about 10 inches up, and prepare to set a spell. Bring all that nice marinade with you, and a brush. A long fork or "pigtail" is required. (Mine are cast iron, and have other uses as well.) Every 5-10 minutes or so, flip the ribs. Brush liberally with marinade when you flip them, and any time the surface starts to look dry. Continue until the pork is still vaguely firm, but starting to shred a bit. This takes a couple hours. Serve without barbecue sauce, since you won't need it. But you WILL lick your fingers!

I also made up some potato salad, 3-bean salad (enriched with a bit of fresh basil), and some grilled eggplant (brushed with extra-virgin olive oil and seasoned with greek seasoning rub). Considering how long all this took to cook, it sure disappeared fast! I also suspect I won't need to eat for a couple days...

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