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It was interesting with the weather at the Celtic Fair this weekend. Good thing I like adventure, because I regarded setting out into the teeth on an incoming storm as quite adventurous. By the time I hit Angels Camp, it was full monsoon. I could barely sleep for the rain, that night. And muttered darkly that I *must* be crazy, as I trudged into the Fair with a wool blanket over my head (period umbrella). While the Parliamentarians were camping in the mud (what can you expect from Puritains?), we Scots were in the *dry* barn marked "Goats." (Better a goat than a sheep!) And shortly after 10, it stopped raining, and did so for the weekend! Very good, since black powder, matchlocks, and rain don't mix well!
I left at 3 on Sunday. I was thinking of checking out the Black Sheep Winery, but everything said "NO! Get home while you can!" And as I headed down the hill, I saw why. It was a supercell, vast and black, maybe 20 miles wide and sky to ground in darkness. A small spur of malformed mammary clouds headed north. It was Straight Ahead.
However, I was lucky. It was over Stockton and the Delta, only a looming edge over highway 99. Heavy rain fell from the edge. I started thinking about highway bridges to shelter under, in case of tornados. I couldn't think of any.
Where I started to worry a little (but still found it fascinating!) was turning onto 120, heading toward I-5. Bright sunlight streaked in from the side as I hit rain so heavy my wipers couldn't keep up. Traffic slowed to a crawl. Lightning sparked to the south, then was echoed to the north. By the time I reached I-5, pea-size hail was falling, and lightning was playing in the clouds. My Discovery Channel knowledge furnished I was near a cell that could form tornados. It was scary, but kind of cool. Finally, I drove out of it, and when I topped Altamont Pass, was surprised by clear skies to the west. Yes, quite an adventure!

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