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Reading the fine print

I've had a Union 76 gas card for years. Well, just about a month ago, I got a new card, for Phillips-66-Conco-76 (yes, this is how it appears). Obviously, someone merged. However, on reading the fine print in the terms of service agreement that just came with my latest bill, I find a new clause that is...interesting. As of August 1, they will now start charging interest on the total, as of the charge being rung up. Now, gas cards always had a month's grace, where you simply paid your bill at the end of the cycle. Apparently, not only is gas hellaciously expensive, but the company has figured out that they can make money off your purchase.

I will no longer be using my P-66-C-76 card, needless to say. I mostly use it when I'm out of state or away from my Costco gas source, anyway. And my regular credit card has better terms.

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