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My truck...bad and good

The order is important, here. The bad news was spending most of the day at the dealership on what should have been routine servicing. The good was it was under warrenty.

I arrive bright and early. I'd actually forgotten about the tires, which I'd noticed were starting to show a bit of wear, before the Oregon trip. So, they come and say "Hi, your tires are getting awfully near to getting bald. We have a few options in stock, want to hear about them?" Well, time is money, and I'm already there, so this would save another trip for tire-shopping, so I look over the options and finally opt for the Bridgestone Wranglers. Because when I was on some marginal "roads" in Oregon, the other week, I really started thinking about serious tires for the kind of driving I do. And I am going to be going on some seriously marginal roads again in less than a month. (I drove a piece of gravel clear through a tire on the Jimmy on those roads, a few years back.) And some of the roads I plan to take are hardly worthy of the title... Okay, it was expensive for the good offroading tires, but worthwhile.

So they go to put the tires on, and I get another visit from the service manager. The bad news is that my brakes are shot. (This would fit with some suspicions, also since forgotten, I had from behaviors on the Oregon trip.) The good news is they're still under warrenty, so it won't cost me. So I get the brakes fixed while I'm there, too. So, after a long morning-into-afternoon, I have new brakes and new tires. I'm good to go for the Mendicino National Forest in August.

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