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Pleas for money, guilt attached

I am starting to get majorly annoyed with the charity solicitors. I put four grocery bags full of junk mail into the recycle bin this weekend, and have already carted out another one, plus starting a new one full of shredded offers of loans and promos ("Just cash this check!") and still haven't shredded all the "convenience checks" and balance transfer offers I have in a pile. But the charity folks are really starting to get my goat. I get a constant barrage of greeting cards ("Braille Books for Blind Children"), return address labels (from groups ranging from Disabled Veterans to UNICEF to the Humane Society), junk from "Aid to Christian Appalachia" that looks like voodoo dolls, pins, keychains, trinkets, etc. And lately, money. Aid to Africa, a number of "support our troops" groups, and most recently a plea for aid to elderly Catholic sisters (huh?) have taken to gluing money to the pleas. (The African money is interesting, as are "angel money" and other stamped coin-oid objects.) Can't throw these items into the recycle without opening them and removing contents.

Now, I know the purpose of all this. It's supposed to elicit guilt. You're supposed to be so moved by them sending you all this guilt...I mean unsolicited garbage...that you will send them money. It's accompanied by various pathetic pleas and stories of "this demonstrates how little it takes to do x." Naked manipulation, I call it. Sorry, guys, but I'm using (or trashing) your cards and labels, but not sending you money. I put your spare change in my wallet. Call me cynical. I'm also getting more than a little annoyed with all of them, which isn't good for the causes they are obstensibly soliciting for. I'm hoping the non-response will eventually inspire them to stop trying to solicit me, but it doesn't seem to have worked, so far. And I haven't heard of an anti-charity list.

You know who gets my money? Good causes that don't send stuff. I have actually been moved to send money to relief agencies that state right out "Unlike some, we will not send you gifts, but we are hoping our cause will inspire you to donate..."

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