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A bad night for Electronics

I went to boot up my laptop last night, and it hung with the message "Hibernation file already present" on a nice blue screen, and refused to do anything more, including shut down. This was SO not good. (Can't a virus, unless it was already present when I bought the thing and has taken a couple years to activate, since the laptop has never been connected to the internet, and deliberately so.) All I can figure was some sort of pulse made it through the converter when the electricity went off on Saturday. Or maybe it was just getting ready to do something because, well, it's a computer.

So I took time out and turned on the telly. It's really interesting when your On-Demand screen hangs for a couple minutes. So, I when I finally got out of the "please be patient" screen, I logged into the latest Black Jack anime. Halfway through, it hung. I tried all the manipulation options on the remote, and nothing helped. After five minutes, it just started up again, for no known reason. Better than a friend's cable box, which stopped working pretty much entirely, this week, but left me wondering what's with the electronics.

So, back to check the laptop, which I had plugged into power and was wondering what to do if I could never get it out of its indeterminant state. That's when I noticed it was HOT. Hot enough it was uncomfortable to put my hand on the back. Hmm, hot is a Bad Thing. But what to do? Um, I put it in the freezer for 20 minutes to attempt to cool it down. When I took it out, it had shut itself down. Plugging into the outlet again at least got a power light. I didn't try restarting it. I suppose I will later today, then try to figure what to do, based on the response. There's a lot of important stuff on that laptop, much of it not backed up because I've been writing a lot lately, and haven't been making copies (note to self, do this at least weekly).

Meanwhile, sometime I really should see if there is a way to get the really old (ca. 1998 IBM Aptiva) computer working again. I don't know if it's a virus, or just electronics going bad, or maybe a combination of the two. It's only marginally functional. But all I want from it, at this point, is Framemaker, the photo-editing software (really old, too, but all I really need), the graphics stuff, and the scanner. It was quite sufficient for everything I wanted, that way. I don't need the latest bells and whistles... (No comments on it being Windoz 98. Until they get Framemaker to run on Linux, I am limited.)

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