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Reordering checks...

I went to reorder my checks online today, and couldn't find my check style anywhere on the site. I have very classically elegant and neutral checks, with a pale blue marblized background and a blue foil stripe running across the top. I've had these checks for 20 years, and I like them, even though they actually cost MORE than the stuff with cartoon characters or landscapes.

And I started wondering if they'd discontinued them. I paged through all the checks on the online site, and there were a few neutral checks, but not MY neutral checks. So I reviewed alternatives, finding I found most of them annoyingly busy. Even "executive gray" had some sort of stonelike background that I disliked. I decided on an alternative I could live with, if they were no longer available, and I had to settle. Then I phoned the online order number. The woman on the phone told me that they were available. Oh good. But then she tried to sell me a "credit protection package" including weekly credit monitoring (no thanks) and then tried to convince me I should get my checks printed with the optional script style printing because "it's harder to read, so it's harder for people to get your information." Oh please. That sort of argument borders on paranoia. Just send me the checks. Finally, we got down to the nitty-gritty, and I reordered four boxes of my nice classic-style checks.

I am now wondering if I really will get them, or if there will be some sort of substitution pulled. I remember waaay back (back when I banked with Bank of America, before I learned better in so many ways) when I reordered checks in a "classic, neutral" pattern, and ended up with some sort of scenic dross because they'd dropped my style. Ditto some years back with Wells Fargo. I had my "antique style" substituted with some sort of garish stagecoach printed across the whole check. It was just awful. When I complained, they said they'd dropped my style and I should just live with the new selection. What's with the urge to get rid of neutral and semi-elegant checks in favor of something new and trendy? Some of us LIKE our checks in a nice, boring simple design.

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