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BIG Cannons are Fun

I have a lot of people notice Goliath, when I haul it. But it's only a 46" tube on a small carriage, in a trailer with sides. When you're hauling a 10 pound Parrot rifle on a full-scale military carriage, on an open trailer, it gets noticed. All the way back from Sacramento, I had people pointing, speeding up or slowing down to keep pace with the trailer while they checked it out. It was quite gratifying. I didn't notice the trailer manuverability until I got it home and tried to steer it.

Woody had put the second axel and set of wheels back on the trailer, saying he prefered how it maneuvered with only two wheels, and it seemed to handle the cannon just fine with only one axel and set of wheels. But he'd leave it to me to determine. Trying to back and turn a very uncooperative trailer, I was glad when Chris pulled up and we decided to take it off the hitch and maneuver it manually.

After finally getting the beast back into the backyard (HEAVY cannon on four-wheeled trailer is a beast to maneuver, even by hand), Chris and I took time out to gasp and drink water, and then I went out to gloat...um, take stock. I was again struck by just how big it is. The wheels come up to my shoulder, if I'm standing beside it on the bed of the trailer. From the ground, it's awesome. But I got out my tape measure and found it barrel is...oddly proportioned.

It's full scale on the bore (2.9", sleeved to 2.75 actual), and all the dimensions are right except...it's short. Even for 7/8 scale, it's short (64"). So, we now come up with a question---why would someone make a Parrott that's right in every other aspect, including the muzzle swell, but shorter even than a Confederate Navy Parrott? Unless...maybe it was cast off an original? (Actual cannon used in the Civil War have all sorts of weird variances, I've noticed.) And furthermore, exactly as it's cast, it's perfectly balanced. A longer barrel would make it nose-heavy. Okay, an intriguing riddle.

I poked around in the boxes on the trailer. One has a perfectly-fitted concealed ice chest (cool!). One has the solar-powered winch setup that Woody built, for getting it on and off the trailer. Lots of stuff like rags, WD-40, tools, etc. in another. And then I opened the totally cool one. It's full of demo rounds. It's all sorts of various kinds of shells with attached sabots and gunpowder bags, good for doing talks and demonstrations. And he tossed in some little bonuses. I haven't even opened the separate equipment box yet. It's like Christmas!

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