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British shooting: it figures

Amazing how the story keeps changing on the shooting of the Brazilian electrician. It was claimed that he ran, vaulted a subway gate, etc. Then things started to shift. It came out there was no gate-vaulting, that he went through the gate by standard procedure, in a calm manner. Now, rumors say there are security camera recordings showing him walking calmly, stopping to pick up a newspaper, etc. Until antsie "cops" (another rumor says that these "plainclothes police" were really MI-5, operating under a "shoot first, ask questions later" policy espoused by the "International Organization of Chiefs of Police" for dealing with terror suspects) decided it was time to bring him down.

And now Tony Blair is starting to insist "there is no cover-up." Sure, whatever you say. But then everyone should get their stories straight, and not try to block the independant investigations into the incident. I always start getting even more suspicious when people in high places start saying "there is no cover-up" rather than saying "mistakes were made, and we will get to the bottom of this, so that it won't happen again."

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