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The Joys of Plumbing...NOT

Plumbing is a Good Thing when it is working. We take it for granted all too often.

I am about to embark on part II of the Plumbing Saga. Part I was Friday, when they ripped things apart and did diagnostics. Sort of like the doctor doing the diagnosis and saying you need surgery. This was the issue with the steady stream of water that has started coming out of the tap in the bathtub. It's more than just a washer issue. The entire fixture is on its last legs. I'm lucky it hadn't started running inside the wall. Said fixture was rendered nonfunctional until it can be fixed today. I took baths involving buckets and hot water boiled on the stove, this weekend. Very third world.

Today, they rip into the wall and start replacing pipes and the fixtures. I'll have to fix the wall later, but at least I will have repaired plumbing that theoretically should last a while. I'm looking forward to taking showers again. Leaving work soon, to meet up with the plumber.
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