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Right in there with Tsunami...

I'd say a 30-foot wall of water hitting parts of the Gulf Coast is in the running with the tsunami in the Indian Ocean. Even a 15-foot storm surge is serious business. At least we had warning, so they were able to get most folks out of harm's way. Most. There are a lot of didn't get out of there, for one reason or another. Some survived, and some didn't. And a lot of buildings, even land, is simply gone. Or damaged beyond saving. Last year, it was the Indian Ocean. Now it's our turn.

We don't even hear about Florida, any more. A fellow I deal with regularily on eBay says his tile roof was partially blown off. But contrasted with what's going on down around the mouth of the Mississippi and inland, it's minor. I saw a couple videos from hurricanenow.com, and it was stunning---even brick buildings with walls blown away. I have a feeling the only news that will be coming in for a while will be bad, and the aftermath is going to be grim. Remember, like with the tsunami, fresh water and disease is an issue in the upcoming days.
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