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Mattress arguments

Argument with little voice in head:
"I know you were planning to look for a new mattress this weekend, but that was before the whole hurricane situation."
"But I've needed this mattress for actually a couple years, now. This mattress was warrented for 7 years, and I bought it in 1984. It's all smooshed on one side, and starting to dish toward the center."
"Yes, but you could be sending some of that money to relief efforts. Think of all those people who have NO mattresses, or beds, or houses."
"Yes, but life goes on, and I have a life, too. And it's not like I'm not contributing money already."
"Selfish, that's your problem. You're probably going to rationalize this by saying buying a new mattress will help the economy."
"Well, yeah. It will. And the economy is taking a big hit from the hurricane."
"It's a drop in the bucket, no matter what you do."
"So's the money going to the relief effort. But lots of drops in lots of buckets adds up."
"Aha, so you're going to put off the mattress and send more money to the Red Cross?"
"I don't know. There's no harm in going shopping. No one said I'm going to buy anything."
"You're waivering again. You just keep trying not to go farther into debt. Maybe you should just bite the bullet and do both."
"Yeah, maybe..."

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