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Well, yesterday at lunch, the QA guys looked me up and invited me to a game of Settlers of Kataan. Since they found out I like gaming, I get invited fairly regularily. ;-) I needed that break. And I think that's why they do it, too. Their work is just as intense, and sometimes you just have to back off and do something completely different.

I also gave myself permission to skip capoeira in the interests of sanity, last night. Funny how things you do for yourself can sometimes create their own stresses... But I'd been running so hard, the past week, I just needed an evening with nothing scheduled. Which was nice, since I was actually there to get a call from a very good friend who had just moved to Denver and had just gotten his phone. And I finished a handsewing project for one of my living history outfits. There is something infinitely relaxing and satisfying about doing real French hand-sewing. None of this "by machine" stuff. It's technically finished (it's an 1840's day cap) but now I'm starting some embellishment things. I can't recall when I felt this good about something so simple. I need to do more mindless creative things, when I'm overworked and overstressed. It seems to be good for me. My brain feels better, less overwhelmed, than it has in weeks, just from those two simple activities, gaming and sewing.

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