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Mattresses, the sticker shock

I admit I haven't shopped for a mattress for over 20 years. But when did they get THAT expensive? I recall seeing a couple in the $2-3K range, some years back. But I clutched at my heart when I saw that is now mid-range! I saw my first $5K mattress on Saturday! And this was at the place that claims to beat anyone's prices, and apparently does, from what I was hearing from other mattress shoppers, who said they should have come there first. I'm just glad I was only looking for a Full, not a Queen or King. And was there for all the sales and promos.

The under-$1000 mattresses might have worked if I was twentysomething, but I'm old enough I want something decent. This is the only body I'm going to have. I tried them, and I suppose they were okay for a motel, but... I asked extensive questions of the salesman (who actually turned out to be the store manager, I found out later).

But then I stumbled on the promo deal. I'd been trying Sertas in the $1000-1200 range, figuring I could live with them. The manager gave me some advice on what I might want to check, and construction features. And then he said I should try this one bed over here... It was waaay out of my price range, but it was glorious! But the sign only listed Queen and Full. Why was he showing me high-end mattresses that didn't come in the size I wanted? And then he told me about the new model. The manufacturer was bringing out a Full later in the month. It would be listing at $2799, but there was an intro special for pre-orders that took it down to $1799. And on top of that, they had a Labor Day promo offer that would knock off another $300. After 40 minutes of debating with myself, during which time I tried about every mattress in the store, I finally decided to go for it. And their Labor Day sale gave 100% financing, interest-free for 18 months. (I can understand why. This is as much of an investment as buying a car!)

So, the new mattress arrives in a couple weeks. After sleeping on the dead mattress as long as I have, I can wait another two weeks. And I have a dread that some of my sheets won't fit. New mattresses are thick! I still can't believe the current generation of mattresses costs as much as they do, but I guess that's a fact of life. And I plan for this one to last me 30 years!

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