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Now New Orleans has a personal connection

I hadn't been in a couple other email accounts for about a week. And one of them had two emails from a friend. His family home in New Orleans is under water up to the roofline, and his sister and nephew are missing. I'd thought about this guy a lot during the crisis, since I knew he grew up in New Orleans, but I didn't realize he still had property and family there. Eep. I hope his relatives turn up somewhere. The family home, which has been around since before the Civil War, doesn't look like it's salvagable. He has a kind of gallows humor, saying he's been trying to figure an appropriate deity to beseech for intervention, and thinks the most appropriate is Cloacia, the Roman goddess of sewers. And bemoans that even if they were letting folks in, he couldn't afford the gas to drive down there, anyway.
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