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Heh, capital gains...

So I sell a 250 shares of my vested stock options (the ones not so far under water they may never resurface...) At the end of all the calculations, I am paying $394.81 to the Feds, State, SSI, etc. This does not include the trading fees, fee for cutting a check instead of depositing it in the brokerage account ($5) etc. Which leaves me with a grand total of...drumroll... $497.57. I'm just waiting for the day when the taxes and fees and payout amounts are reversed. This magnificent amount will go a little ways toward that new mattress, but I'm still glad I get 18-month financing.

Not helped by knowing how inefficiently the government spends the money we give it. I guess this is my share in rebuilding Trent Lott's house, as promised by Shrub.

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