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This mattress thing has taken on a chain reaction

It's the thing like painting one room, and then ended up painting another...

The new mattress has not only spawned a bout of cleaning and reorganization (cough, cough, from the dust in the corners that has most likely been there for a couple years), but new furniture. It seems that a web site for some Oriental minimalist furniture had a SALE on a bed platform I'd been lusting after for...um...a couple years. Low, hardwood lip, very Japanese. Discontinued finish color, which would go perfectly with the tansu (and my oriental-themed bedding). It was down to $269. And I really NEED something like this, since the vintage bedstead fell apart. But it's going to force me to majorly reorganize the room. And of course I noticed the matching nightstand on sale for $59...

So now both are coming, and should be here before the mattress arrives. Talk about change! But change can be good...

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